In Memory of Nylon
In Memory of Cheng Nan-Jung
100% Freedom Fighter
Taiwanese Martyr
A Self-Immolator
Cheng Y Chuang (莊承業)

A brief biography of Mr. Cheng Nan-Jung:

Feb. 28, 1947 – “228 Massacres”  plotted by KMT, more than 20,000 Taiwanese were killed.

Sept 12, 1947 -  Born in Taipei.  His father was an immigrant from China, but his mother was a native Taiwanese.

Sept 1968       -  Enrolled in National Taiwan University; his major is philosophy.  He didn’t  receive his undergraduate certificate because he refused to take the course of “Sun Yat-Sen’s Thought” (Sun founded the Republic of China in 1911, his thought is a mandated course in college).

1972             -  Got married with Yeh Chu-Lan

1981 to 1984  -  As a freelance political writer, he published his articles in magazines  published by opponent groups. 

Mar. 12, 1984 -  He solely organized and published “Freedom Era Weekly” magazine to spread the seeds of his belief of “100% freedom of speech” and “Taiwan Independence”.  He had registered 18 different magazine licenses as a “standby” in case the magazine was banned by government.  This magazine published 302 issues in the period of five years eight months.  This magazine became an important part of the “ freedom fight” in Taiwanese history.

May 19, 1986 -  He initiated “519 Green Movement”, and demonstrated on the streets to demand the end of 37 long years of the martial law imposed by KMT.  He effectively performed the non-violence movement in Taiwan.

February 1987- He organized “228 Peaceful Day Society”, and walked on the streets to demand the government investigate  “228 Massacres” further to reach reconciliation between the native Taiwanese and the immigrant Chinese.           

Apr. 18, 1987  -  He bravely announced his support to “Taiwan Independence” in a school rally;

 this was a risky action when martial law was still in effect.  The longest martial law in world history was lifted by the yearend.

Nov. 16, 1988 -   He promoted “New Nation Movement” allied with the “Taiwanese Political Prisoner Association”, and walked 40 days around the island.

Dec. 10, 1988 -   He published a draft of “Constitution of Taiwan Republic”, later was charged
 with sedition.

Jan. 21, 1989  -   Received a subpoena of sedition from the court.

Jan. 26, 1989 -   He started 71 days of confinement in his office to protest the arrest.

Apr. 7, 1989  -    He set the fire to burn himself to the death under heavy-armed police attempt to arrest him at  9:00 am.  He is survived by his wife and 9-year old daughter.
Nylon Foundation was established on April 6, 1999 to preserve the burn site, and promotes the idea of freedom to the general public.  You can visit for more information.

(Note: Nylon is his nickname)          
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